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Client team

  • A leading industrial group with operations across 3 divisions and APAC EMEA and AMER territories.
  • The WCC team was drawn from our order to cash and language skills base.

Project aims

  • Developing a common global group process, supported by specialised systems tools to deliver receivables performance, credit processes and dispute management.


What we did - our role and activities

    • Our role was to lead a series of workshops that created the base foundations and principles for the Global process
    • The client then selected FSCM to support the group Credit, Collections and Dispute processes.
    • WCC worked with a pilot country to bespoke Group processes, trial and test in FSCM, and introduce and implement revised process.
    • We then completed reviews of country operations requirements to tailor FSCM to local timing and operating requirements and to identify receivables and dispute performance improvements available.
    • Local roles and responsibilities were updated in FSCM to reflect the country operation and ensure group processes were matched to the local organisation and activity.
    • A detailed process and procedures manual was created to complement SAP/FSCM training and to ensure that metrics, activity levels and process timing were understood and utilised FSCM to maximum effect.



  • Overdue debt in the pilot reduced by half and was tracking towards the identified optimum.
  • The reduction value was confirmed at over €10 million for the pilot country.
  • The Group has an established methodology of leading practice Credit, Collections and Dispute processes.