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Client Data Integrity

Our clients want us to find opportunities to reduce the levels of working capital they hold and to increase the efficiency of the processes that manage them. Our aim is to deliver both increased cash and cost reduction through implementing more effective operating processes.

To help find and quantify these opportunities, we analyse significant volumes of transaction data, including customer and supplier contract terms, end to end timing across the processes reviewed and detailed stock classification, demand and lead time history. We recognise this is sensitive information.

We already have conditions of engagement which specify our confidentiality approach and sign Non-Disclosure conditions to protect our client data and ensure the project teams are aware of and sign their commitment to these.

But we did not think this went as far as we could go.

So we investigated what accreditation was available to provide our clients with an additional layer of protection and assurance around security. Our own IT support services company have Cyber Essentials accreditation and we felt this was a suitable standard to adopt. We have now received accreditation - which means that our data handling policy now meets the Cyber Essentials requirements for encryption, access and analysis of client data.

For Our Clients