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How we work

How we work

Before we meet, we will have done our homework. How do we compare to our last few years? What is the gap to our peers? We will have reviewed these to identify where there is scope to increase cash flow.

Starting with initial discussions, we can review high level opportunities and share some insights – we value your time. This will help us understand the issues you face and the outcome you want – and what you perceive the barriers to be.

Our approach ensures a minimum of disruption to the business at each stage of activity. We need executive level sponsorship to help create awareness of the scope to improve and to support the change of day to day operating activities.

We work with staff and managers in their functional areas to revise, agree and introduce new processes and procedures into daily routines.


Our approach concentrates on identifying and confirming the scope for improvement as early as possible and building a cost effective delivery approach. We recognise the need for early payback of cash and cost and prioritise the programme to maximise benefit.