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WCC analysis is about creating awareness of potential to optimise working capital.  The download centre was developed to share to help change thinking around opportunities.

With the benefit of decades of experience – WCC have proved that benchmarked opportunities are real and we work with clients to deliver them. 

WCC continuously analyse and benchmark hundreds of companies working capital results. We benchmark them to others in the same industry and to their own prior results. We do this to help identify potential to change performance and improve results - and to provide support to deliver that change.

Let WCC help your business increase awareness of the impact and potential from changing working capital. If you would like further information or a copy of your benchmark – please get in touch.

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To download your copy please fill out the simple form below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why not also download the WCC Buyers Calculator app

The WCC Buyers Calculator app calculates the impact on cash flow and unit price by modelling payment terms and discounts. Model your options to drive cash into the business or drive down unit cost price by knowing the impact of payment terms and discounts. The app features currency, country, WACC, discount and payment terms options to provide a flexible modelling tool. Know how much cash you generate or the impact on margin and unit cost based on the cost of capital for your company. Prepare your preferred terms combinations in advance or confirm them quickly during negotiations. The app automatically highlights the best options for you.

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